Building Brain Power is the first complete regimen that shows step by step how to improve your intelligence and supercharge your mental performance. It's the first workout regimen for your mind!

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What is a Mental Workout Regimen?

Building Brain Power is the first workout regimen for your mind. Like a weight-lifting routine, it shows you exactly what steps to take to increase your IQ and strengthen your mind.

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How Does Building Brain Power Work?

Building Brain Power uses the latest research into the brain to lay out a clear road map for cognitive improvement. Read on to learn why it's such an effective program.

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The Three Drivers of Cognitive Function

There are three main factors which influence how well your brain works. Building Brain Power shows many methods of improving each one. This article gives a brief introduction to what they are and how they affect your intelligence.


The latest research shows that is not only possible to grow new brain cells, but that it is also possible to increase the rate at which the brain does so.

Following Building Brain Power will lead to rapid production of new neurons.

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Synaptic Plasticity

Synaptic Plasticity is the ability of your brain to grow new connections between neurons and to strengthen existing ones.

Learn more about how it works and how Building Brain Power optimizes your brain to be as plastic as possible.

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Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers which brain cells use to communicate with each other.

Building Brain Power shows ways to increase their efficiency, making brain cells better able to process thoughts.

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What is Intelligence?

How do we quantify intelligence, what different types of intelligence are there, and what actually makes some people smarter than others? Learn what the latest research says.

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What Determines Your Intelligence?

According to the latest research both your genes and your environment influence how intelligent you are. Even those not born with above average intelligence can get much smarter by changing their lifestyle and surroundings.

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Are Your Habits Making You Dumber?

Many people live lifestyles which are constantly straining their minds. To reach your full cognitive potential you must both engage in beneficial practices and avoid damaging ones.

Understanding Working Memory

Your working memory plays a vital role in determining your overall level of cognitive performance. Learn more about working memory and see how Building Brain Power can improve it.

Building Brain Power provides a step by step blueprint for increasing your intelligence and reaching your full cognitive potential. Watch our free presentation to learn more.

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